Crunch Time or Time Crunch?

Hi everyone,

When last we left off Victor and I were posting our very first blog post and introducing ourselves. Now some of you will know that we currently reside in a small house in a city on the South Island of New Zealand. Some of you might also surmise that we’re not intending on living in our current house much longer. The purpose of this blog is to show how ordinary people can work their way towards their own self-sufficient lifestyle, whether they live in New Zealand or not. We’ve seen how other people have started their own blogs long after they’ve become invested in their homesteads. Unfortunately, most of those blogs and bloggers didn’t have the opportunity to share the process right from the start and this loss of opportunity makes it very difficult for anyone to take the leap of faith to try their own. Our hope is that you can follow along as our family takes that leap for you. Follow us to see how we combat issues around employment, housing, finances, time management and also family life on a New Zealand homestead!

We’re in a huge time crunch right now as we try to sell our home to buy our new farm!

Check in tomorrow to see how we’re getting ready to “put our house on the market” as they say here.


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