Reasons for Change

Good evening,

Many of our friends and family members are asking us why we’ve decided to make this big change.  It’s a big thing, I suppose, to go and seek employment outside of one’s field and sell your existing city property to fund the purchase of a rural one. Unfortunately for Victor and me, staying on with the status quo isn’t a viable option.  You see, Victor is trained in a very specialist field of information technology, and works in the New Zealand public sector.  Because of the nature of the field and how it is funded, he has been hired by two corporations, one after the other, on a succession of fixed-term employment contracts. After some of his colleagues were made redundant about 18 months ago, he was asked to take on extra responsibilities including an acting leadership role. These extra duties came with elevated personal risk, higher stress, no increased pay in the short term, and no indication that they would provide opportunities for career progression in the medium to long term. Meanwhile, his work has become largely administrative in nature, and his specialist skills have been allowed to languish. He’s concluded that his skills are not really in demand in the current New Zealand job market and that it’s time to do something different.

Outside of Victor’s employment; we’ve noticed a substantial increase in city property rates as well as food costs.  We’re also outgrowing our current space as I recently gave birth to our third daughter.  We see how frustrated our pre-schoolers are with our yard space and also really want to be able to have better quality fruits, vegetables, and meats.  All of which are unobtainable with our current budget and spacial limitations.

So what does this all mean?

In short – We’re moving out of the city, and though some parts of our life will stay the same, most of it will change in a big way! Please join us again for our next post in a few days where we will hopefully be able to post our first mini-video on our blog!

Thanks for reading!




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