New Ground

Hi Guys,

Instead of posting the pictures on my last blog post I will include them in this post.  Victor and I have set off on this adventure with new vigour.  We’ve contacted several banks as well as talked to the local council in the area we are considering purchasing land.  We also got some positive comments back on one property that appears to not only be in our budget but also has very sensible covenants.

A Covenant, also called a building scheme, is a restriction placed on a title or a LIM usually with the aim of maintaining the quality of the subdivision and the value of the properties subject to the covenant.  These can sometimes be very aggressive with regards to what the purchaser can do with his or her newly acquired land, but most of the time the restrictions are just about what type of house you can put on it and other things like that.  I’ve read about one particularly nasty section with covenants which mainly limited the buyer from growing anything on the 5-hectare block except for standard grass. The developer said that even pumpkins were considered “pests” and would become out of control if allowed.  Can you imagine having 10 acres of lawn?  I can’t… that’s like having your own golf course for a backyard.

Please have a look at this beautiful stretch!

2018-05-26 21.01.24
New Ground

The land is advertised to be 4 hectares (10 acres) in size. It has some extra bits which we think make it a bit more special than the others available in this subdivision.  It’s a bit more affordable because the developer believes the included creek and trees are a downside to the property.  It does contain a significant drop off on the second level, but that part is fully fenced off and contained so that animals cannot get to it.  The trees do make the middle section a bit more damp in the rain, but they made some improvements to the drainage so it won’t cause any issues for stock.  The trees are mostly over the creek area which is not somewhere we would build and not somewhere stock would go anyway!

You can’t see how significant the drop off is from these angles, but I will probably get a better shot of it at a later date if we go ahead with the purchase of this property.

The property has deer fencing, and all the paddocks are enclosed.  I’ve tried to show you as many shots of the various tiers as I could, but I didn’t go into the upper or lower sections.

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Thanks for reading!

~ Grace


6 thoughts on “New Ground

    • Thanks, Janelle! We want to have a herd of dairy goats, maybe eventually a few sheep and a beef cow or two. We’ve already got 9 chickens, and we definitely want turkeys and some quail too. It will all depend on if we can find land and build on it and when we’ll be able to take our next steps in developing it for stock. How much land do you have? Do you live in New Zealand too?

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      • Wow sounds fantastic, yes we live in the Manawatu. We only have half an acre (Just moved in april) and doing up house and building a granny flat. Getting into gardening and got our first chickens. Hope to have a horse one day will just have to wait til the land comes up 🙂


      • Oh, I’d love to own a horse or two! I used to ride a bit when I was a girl back in the states, but it’s been a long time, and they weren’t my horses. I have always wondered if people would sell one to someone who’s never owned a horse. I also feel like I could use a refresher on riding although when I went on a horse trek a couple years ago with my husband, I was fine. The horse trek’s horses were used to a different set of commands but it was simple enough to learn them, and the ride was pretty comfortable even including a canter and gallop on the beach. Victor was a bit sore afterwards though I seem to recall!

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